Looking for an easier way to find the Best Ireland Hotel Castles?

Fantasy Ireland features only the finest Ireland hotel castles, sorted by region.


So you can learn about as many Irish castle hotels as you want...or just look at the ones in the region you plan to visit.

Either way, you'll find it much easier to choose a quality castle hotel using our regional guide to the best Irish hotel castles!

If your fantasy is the perfect Ireland castle vacation, you are in the right place! Fantasy-Ireland features gems such as Ashford Castle, Dromoland Castle, Glin Castle, Waterford Castle, and many more...

Discover the undeniable allure of Ireland castle vacations....Only Ireland castle vacations offer the royal treatment you deserve! Nothing will take you back to your Irish roots faster (even if you don't have a drop of Celtic blood in you)!

Indeed, travel experts all over the world agree that Ireland hotel castles are truly something special. But who has the time to look at a long list of Ireland castle hotels, one-by-one?

If part of your dream Ireland vacation includes staying in a hotel castle, our regional guide to the best Irish hotel castles is here to help you decide which one is right for you.

Of course, staying in a magnificent Ireland castle hotel is a wee bit more expensive than other types of accommodations. But if you have the means, it is definitely worth it. You'll not only live out your fantasy of sleeping in a castle, but you'll have memories to last a lifetime!

According to Fodors Exploring Ireland, Ireland castle hotels give visitors "a chance to experience a grandeur granted at one time to only a privileged few."

You can even rent an entire castle for yourself and your friends! Castles also offer a perfect setting for an elegant fairy-tale wedding or an Irish family reunion full of old-world charm.

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If you think your budget won't allow you to stay in a castle, think again.

You can get great values if you know where to look and when to go. The off-peak season in Ireland is between late September and March, and you can save money on every part of your vacation if you choose to travel then, including the expense of staying in one of Ireland's castle hotels.

Not only will you save money, but you won't have to fight the crowds on your days of sightseeing! Not to mention how lovely the Emerald Isle is around Harvest Time.

One of the most economical ways to experience an Ireland castle vacation is to go on a package tour. Whether you want the freedom and flexibility to explore Ireland on your own...or you prefer to sit back, watch the scenery, and listen to an experienced tour guide explain all of the wonders of the Emerald Isle, there's something for everyone in our Top 5 Ireland Castle Vacation Packages.

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If you don't have time to search all over the library, the bookstores, and the web to decide which Ireland hotel castle is right for your vacation, rest assured, we've done the legwork for you only featuring the best of the best.

Fantasy Ireland Hotel Castles:

Western Ireland Hotel Castles

Ashford Castle:
This magnificent castle is the ultimate balance of old-world elegance and modern day luxuries.

Dromoland Castle:
Find out why Dromoland Castle Ireland is the hotel of choice for heads-of-state, celebrities, and middle-class travelers alike.

Northwest Ireland Hotel Castles

Glin Castle:
Discover what makes Glin Castle Ireland the perfect place for your fantasy Ireland castle vacation!

Markree Castle:
Considered one of Ireland's finest architectural masterpieces, right in the heart of Yeats' country.

Northern Ireland Hotel Castles

Ballygally Castle:
The only Northern Ireland Hotel Castle we recommend. Ballygally Castle Ireland, located right on a magnificent coastline, is truly enchanting. Find out why!

Southeast Ireland Hotel Castles

Waterford Castle:
The only hotel castle in the Southeast Region we recommend. Experience the elegance and tranquility of this truly magnificent hotel castle.

Southwest Ireland Hotel Castles

Ballyseede Castle:
One of the best of hotel castles in Ireland, located in the lovely County Kerry, in the famous town of Tralee.

Adare Manor:
The finest hotel castle in the Southwest region. Discover what makes Adare Manor Ireland so special and take a look inside.

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