Irish Celtic Symbols:
From the historical to the mythical....

There are plenty of Irish Celtic symbols that represent the forty shades of the Emerald Isle...come explore them all on Fantasy Ireland!

Since I started this guide, the response has been enormous! People from all over the world are discovering that Fantasy Ireland is the most comprehensive, yet entertaining guide to Irish Celtic symbols on the web!

Maybe you only have one in particular in mind, or maybe you want a complete guide to all the symbols of your Irish Celtic heritage.

I have in-depth articles about all the most popular Irish Celtic symbols for you to explore...and many more on the way!

What is the symbol of Ireland to you?

Is it the shamrocks and the leprechauns?

Or is it the elegant interlacing of the Celtic knot?

Is it the dragons, fairies, gods, and goddesses of folklore?

Or is it the proud history of kings and saints
That fills your Celtic heart with pride?

The beauty of Irish Celtic symbols is that Celtic Ireland
Is represented by all these things and so much more.

Whatever speaks to your soul is
the best representation of your Ireland.

Historical, cultural, mythical, spiritual...

I am here to help you sort them all out!

Some are distinctively Irish symbols:

The Claddagh

The Shamrock

The Leprechaun

The Celtic Harp

The Irish Flag

Saint Patrick

While others are more far-reaching...
Emblems of our Celtic heritage as a whole...

These you will find in my Celtic symbols:

Celtic Spirals

Celtic Animals

Celtic Dragons

The Celtic Knot

The Celtic Tree of Life

Sacred Celtic Crosses

My Irish Celtic symbols guide will never be complete. I'll always find more to explore. I'm doing the research so you don't have to! Look for more in-depth articles about more Irish Celtic symbols to come!

For instance, I recently added several articles about Saint Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland. Who says symbols can't be people? Saint Patrick and St. Patrick's Day symbolize all that is good, fun, and faithful about the Irish people.

I also added an article entitled Irish Claddagh Rings on the Hands of Royalty not too long ago.

Last December, I added several articles about the most cherished Irish Christmas symbols: christmas holly, the candle in the window, and mistletoe.

So make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed! It's easy...just click one of the buttons at the top of the navigation bar on the left to get started! That way, you'll know right away whenever I add or update articles.

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