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Claddagh History, Folklore, and Symbolism

From ancient gods to Richard Joyce, Ireland has many stories about Claddagh history and symbolism. Discover the alluring mixture of folklore and fact - then decide which one reveals the truth to you.

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Saint Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland

Saint Patrick...legendary patron saint of Ireland returned to the Emerald Isle after escaping many hard years of slavery. He was following his divine calling to convert pagan Irish Celts to Christiani

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Why You Need a Rental Car in Ireland

The best way to see all the beauty the Emerald Isle has to offer, at your own pace, is by arranging a rental car in Ireland...

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Fantasy Ireland Vacations : Experience the Emerald Isle of YOUR dreams

With so many choices of Ireland vacations, how do you find YOUR fantasy Ireland? The Ireland you envision in your dreams? You deserve to experience the Emerald Isle YOUR way! Let us be your guide!

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Perfect Irish Celtic weddings begin on Fantasy Ireland

Traditional Irish Celtic Weddings are perfect for lovers young and old! Discover how to make your special day both affordable and memorable on Fantasy Ireland!

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