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Located in County Limerick, on the banks of the River Shannon, it is absolutely the FINEST hotel castle in the Northwest region of Ireland.

Glin-Castle-IrelandThis sweeping 500-acre estate was home of the Fitzgeralds for over 800 years and is considered by Harper's report to be "one of the truly outstanding private houses of the world".

Visitors to Glin Castle are welcome between March and November. Other times of the year, by special arrangement. The entire castle can be booked for weddings, family reunions, or other large events.

Not only is there exquisite 18th century antique furniture in the reception rooms, but Glin Castle has a couple of very unusual features too. The entrance hall boasts an unusual flying staircase leading to the bedrooms and the library bookcase has a secret door that also leads to the stairs.

There are only 14 guest rooms in this glorious castle hotel, and staying here is a wee bit expensive. But if you have the means, it is definitely worth it.

You'll not only live out your fantasy of sleeping in a castle, but you'll have memories to last a lifetime!

Besides, you can get great values if you know where to look and when to go.


Since this castle hotel is only open for guests between March and November, your best bet for the most economical Glin Castle Ireland vacation is going in Autumn. The off-peak season is between late September and March, and you can save money on every part of your vacation if you choose to travel then.

Not only will you save money, but you won't have to fight the crowds on your days of sightseeing! Not to mention how lovely the Emerald Isle is around Harvest Time.

Castle photos courtesy of My Guide Ireland : Your Ireland Vacation Specialist

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