Christening Tradition
What does it mean?
How did it all begin?

Even though when I launched this site, I knew little about Irish christening tradition, you know how passionate I am about Irish and Celtic traditions.

I also love reading and learning in general. One of the best things about my business is that I am able to do the research so you don't have to, then put it all together for you in a logical way that will help you understand things better - complete with resources for you in case you want to learn more...

Researching and writing all about Irish christening traditions has been one of the most enjoyable and interesting projects I have undertaken for this business to date.

But there is so much to cover, I actually need to give you several articles to cover everything as well as you have come to expect from Fantasy Ireland.

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Let's get started...

On the horizon...

  • Preserving the gown

  • The role of godparents and how it originated in Ireland

  • Tips on choosing the right godparents for your child...

  • Gifts traditionally given by the godparents...and gifts ideal for an Irish baby

  • Finally, we will step out of the mainstream a little bit and into the world of ancient Celtic spirituality. If you who are not a devout Christian, but still want to honor your Celtic roots, this article is just for you. I'll tell you all about a similar Pagan ritual that is inspired by Ireland's ancient Celtic roots...
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