Ireland Castle Vacations
Get the royal treatment you deserve!

<If you are planning to visit Ireland, you simply must
consider the allure of Ireland castle vacations!

Many hotels around the world have the word "palace" in their names, and others claim that you'll "feel like Royalty"; but there is simply no substitute for authentic Ireland Castle vacations.

Although the original Irish nobles no longer rule and fight from these beautiful and historic castles, their heirs have done a fine job of converting many of them into elegant hotel castles where no luxury is spared and you truly are treated like the Lord and Lady of the land.

Ireland castle vacations provide unique experiences that you simply can't get in a city hotel. Ranging from 2-Stars all the way up to 5-Star accommodations, most Irish castles are nestled away in the countryside, near rural villages that grew up around the castle.

Most of Ireland's castle hotels also offer peaceful gardens, ponds, well-stocked fishing lakes, and a quiet elegance that is simply unmatched anywhere else.

You might think that sleeping in rock-walled rooms, which may have been built in the year 1200 AD, or even earlier, would mean trips to the outhouse, and bathing in a common tub. Not at all! Most Irish castle hotels have very elegant suites and most also offer luxurious rooms with private baths.

You'll often find original or very well-done replicas of Irish period furniture, tapestries, and artwork throughout your castle. Some castles even have their own resident ghosts! And the dining facilities are, of course, fit for a King and Queen.

The biggest allure of Ireland castle vacations is the opportunity to become a part of Ireland's history. Take the famous Dromoland Castle, for example. Built in 1543, it is one of the few Irish castles whose lineage can be directly traced to Irish royalty since it functioned as the royal home of the O'Brien clan who were direct descendants of Irish King, Brian Boru.

Dromoland Castle features a championship golf course, fishing, hunting, shooting and boating, as well as a world-class health spa. Being "treated like royalty" is more than just a slogan when your Ireland castle vacation includes a stay here.

The cost of castle accommodations varies widely depending upon which castle you will call home. Luxury has its price, and the 5-star monuments to Ireland's noble past will cost you more than the less-lavish ones.

But one of the most economical ways to have an Ireland castle vacation is to go on a package tour. You can live like royalty and save money at the same time with one of the Top 5 Ireland Castle Vacations featured on Fantasy-Ireland.

If you book Ireland castle vacations elsewhere be sure to ask your travel agent for a list of the castles where you will be staying and then research them on the Internet to ensure that they offer the quality and value you deserve.

To make it easier for you to find the best Irish castle hotel in the region you plan to visit, Fantasy-Ireland features only the finest hotel castles and sorts them for you by region.

Sure, you can enjoy Ireland by staying in the Westin or Marriott, but wouldn't you rather wake up like the Royals did with a magnificent view of Ireland's majestic mountains, lush green valleys, or its scenic sandy beaches? To do that, you'll need to treat yourself to one of the many outstanding Ireland Castle vacations.

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