It's not hard to save money
on rental cars in Ireland...

Rental cars in Ireland are a great way to stretch your travel budget.

With good rates available, you can tour the Emerald Isle with the freedom of your own vehicle at hand, allowing you to explore with abandon.

Though Ireland has a decent rail system, it's not nearly as extensive as it is in many other European countries. So, if you want to stretch out from Dublin and take in the pastoral delights of the countryside, rental cars are the way to do it.

But car rentals in Ireland can still be expensive, compared to other forms of transportation. Unless you've thought things through and have some money-saving tips at hand...

Things to consider...

  • How many in your party?
    With rental cars in Ireland, there are many factors to keep in mind. One big factor is the number of passengers you are travelling with. Families will require a large sedan or even a minivan. If you are travelling alone, a subcompact should suit your needs just fine.

  • What type of vehicle do you need?
    As well, the size of the car must be comfortable for the passengers. Consider your needs as well as the needs of your travelling companions when choosing rental cars. College students can put up with a cramped backseat better than older folks can, for instance.

    Also, if you will be travelling over rough terrain, you'll need a different vehicle than someone who is sticking to the National Roads.

  • How much luggage will you have with you?
    Take into account the quantity of luggage you'll be carrying. If you are travelling with one backpack, you won't require much storage space.

    However, if you're camping while you're in Ireland, you'll need to select a car that has room for your backpacks, tents, camping gear, food, and sleeping bags.

  • Is your car rental agency reputable?
    Check out your rental company before you make a reservation. Do they provide good, quality cars? Do they provide recovery services in the event of a breakdown? Can you get a spare key to help keep you from locking your keys in the car?

    We recommend AutoEurope because they guarantee the best rates and service available on rental cars in Ireland. They promise to beat any major competitor's rate that offers a rental car with comparable service, location, terms, and surcharges.

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How to Save Money

Saving money on rental cars in Ireland is fairly easy if you plan properly. With a few tips, you can ensure that you stay well within your budget.

  • Start where the best deals are.
    Most people landing by boat or plane in Ireland arrive in Dublin. So Dublin is the best place to start for finding deals on rental cars in Ireland. There is more competition, so the prices are lower.

    You might also consider checking out locations that are not quite at the airport, because they may be willing to lower their prices in order to find some business.

  • Know how long you'll be in Ireland and how long you'll need your rental car.
    If you're spending seven days in Ireland, but will be spending three days in Dublin (a very walkable city), you'll only really need a rental car for four days.

    But if you plan to cover as much ground as you can each and every day, you should book a rental car for five or six days. One way to save money is to check out the prices of one-week rentals. They may be less expensive, and the rental company probably won't complain if the car is returned early.

  • Be warned...fuel is more expensive in Ireland.
    Americans are spoiled by comparison - gas (petrol) in Ireland is much more expensive than it is in America! One of the largest expenses associated with rental cars in Ireland is the price of gasoline. Be prepared by planning ahead. You don't want to spend all the money you saved on the rental car at the petrol pump.

    Also keep in mind...the bigger the vahicle, the lower the gas mileage. Rent as large a car as you need, but no larger. There may be a compact that is a little less expensive than the subcompact you were thinking about. And you'll save alot of money at the pump over the course of your vacation too.

A few more things to remember...

  • Age Restrictions
    You must be 21 to rent a car in Ireland and those under 23 may get the runaround for a bit. Keep this in mind before renting.

  • Rules of the Road
    People drive on the left side of the road in Ireland, so the steering wheel is on the right. Don't worry and don't be embarrassed if you happen to get into the car on the wrong side alot at first. This happens all the time to Americans, in particular!

  • Road Safety
    Roads in Ireland tend to be one-lane affairs that twist and turn through the countryside. Irish drivers are quite used to this and will weave around narrow country roads at night without the slightest compunction or fear. Be ready for this. Drive defensively.

    Also, don't count on well-lit roads. If you have night blindness, plan your departure and arrival times for each destination so that you will not be out on the roads after the sun goes down.

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It pays to be practical...
But remember what you're paying for...

Rental cars in Ireland give travelers the freedom to see the Éire of poetry, song, and lore like nothing else.

From the stark cliffs jutting out above the sea, to the sleepy hamlets dotting the countryside, to the vast expanses of green, rolling hills that give her the name "The Emerald Isle".

Erin is anxious to greet you...

Embrace this land of smiles and warm hospitality with a giddy sense of adventure and the knowledge that you are embarking on the vacation of a lifetime!

With a good map, and a desire to really get to know the land and its people, rental cars in Ireland provide the best way to experience all that this land has to offer!

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