Picture yourself behind the wheel of your own rental car in Ireland...

Driving a rental car in Ireland is one of the best ways to take in the magnificent landscapes of the Emerald Isle at your own pace.

Ireland is a land of stirring music, art and literature, legendary hospitality, historical castles and breathtaking scenery.

Planning a trip to Ireland can be just as exciting as the trip itself.

Sure, you could opt to go on one of the many escorted tours that are available. But if you're in the middle of a crowded tour, you might very well miss the best things.

If you are a free spirit with an adventurous soul
driving a rental car in Ireland is your best choice.

Freedom and Flexibility

Having a rental car in Ireland will ensure you have the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace and spend your vacation seeing the real Ireland...up close and personal.

In a country as beautiful as Ireland, some of the best places to visit are the ones you find by accident. They're off the beaten path and usually not part of any mainstream tour.

You're sure to encounter something along the way that's worth getting out of the car to enjoy for as long as you like, and if you encounter one of those "somethings" that catches your fancy...you can stay as long as you like because there's no group tour bus leaving in an hour.

With a rental car, you can tour as much or as little of Ireland with abandon, and only visit the areas that are of most interest to YOU. See many different things each and every day, or settle into a small village and really get the feel of old Ireland and her famed hospitality.

Food and Fun

If you like to eat and talk then you don't have to look for any other reason to choose a rental car in Ireland. Guided and bus tours have to handle large groups of people. So they usually include dining stops at restaurants that can handle big crowds.

On a group tour, you typically end up eating in the tourist traps and never get an inkling of what the real Irish eat when they eat out. When you drive a rental car in Ireland you can eat where the locals eat, and you'll make many new friends along the way.

First Things First

If you think a rental car in Ireland is right for you, you'll need to spend some time preparing for the trip.

  • Regions
    First decide which places in Ireland that you'd like to visit. Decide whether you want to visit the castles, the museums, the shoreline, the golf courses, the countryside, the pubs, the cities or a bit of each.

  • Routes
    Once you've focused on what you'd like to see while in Ireland, start to research these areas. Get maps and brochures and start planning your own itinerary with a rental car in Ireland.

    Your plan can be as detailed or as abstract as you desire. After all, you're the one planning your trip; you're too independent to leave it all up to some travel agency. Don't underestimate how helpful a good travel agent can be though.

    For instance, Lynott Tours has been in the business of providing customized Ireland travel packages for over 30 years. They are founding members of the Irish Tour Operators Forum (ITOF) as well as members of ASTA (The American Society of Travel Agents) and IATA (International Air Transport Association). Lynott Tours specializes in building custom itineraries and providing their clients with one-on-one attention.

    For a free, no-obligation travel quote go to Lynott Tours

  • Rates

    If you'll be visiting Ireland during the peak tourism times of July and August, the demand for rental cars will be much greater than during off-peak times, so make your reservations well in advance.

    Most people visit Ireland from early Spring right through late fall, so be sure you aren't disappointed when you go to arrange a rental car in Ireland for those peak times and get expensive quotes.

    You'll find rental car agencies at the airports, in the larger cities, and at all ports providing ferry service. Find a reputable rental company and be sure to ask the important questions, not just the cost of the rental.

    You'll also want to inquire about the number of miles included in the quoted price. Some rental companies offer unlimited mileage, while others offer a set number of miles per rental period. Also find out if you are being quoted "miles" or "kilometers". It will make a difference when you pay your final bill.

    Make sure that you have adequate car insurance that's either provided by your existing car insurance company, or purchased either from the Irish car rental company, or a reputable Irish insurance agency.

    It's also important to make sure that all applicable taxes are included in the quoted price. Also inquire about all restrictions on use of the rental car in Ireland. There are often age restrictions and travel restrictions. For example, the rental company may not allow you to travel out of the country or into Northern Ireland.

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