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Online Resources

Claddagh History, Folklore, and Symbolism
From ancient gods to Richard Joyce, Ireland has many stories about Claddagh history and symbolism. Discover the alluring mixture of folklore and fact - then decide which one reveals the truth to you.

Irish Claddagh Rings on the Hands of Royalty
Of the many rich traditions shared by the Irish people, Irish Claddagh Rings have left one of the most enduring legacies throughout the world.

True (?) Claddagh Ring History
Is this the real Claddagh ring history, or just a story designed to create controversy and doubt? Decide for yourself on Fantasy-Ireland...

Celtic Revival
Actually this is the online store for Joseph Keane, an artist who designs Celtic jewelry and gifts, but he also has a great section on his site offering information about Celtic symbolism, including the history and symbolism of this precious ring.

Galway Online
The Ultimate Guide to the Galway area, which is well-known in part for a little village nearby named "Claddagh". So, of course, they have plenty to say about the history of this legendary ring.

"Claddagh Rings"
This article, written by Ed Micheau, is part of the "Premium Content" accessible only to members of IrishAbroad's "Irish Circle".

Claddagh Jewelry Resources

If you'd like to get your sweetheart the traditional Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty - but have a limited budget.... You don't have to get cheap imitations to save money.

I recommend Creative Irish Gifts as the best resource for authentic Claddagh jewelry. And I'm proud to tell you why...

I am a loyal customer of Creative Irish Gifts myself. They have genuine Irish imports at great prices, they process and ship orders quickly, and their customer support is second-to-none. But there's something I like even more about them...

I like knowing that every purchase we make touches the lives of the children of Northern Ireland!

Creative Irish Gifts was founded with the sole purpose of providing financial support to the Irish Children's Fund. This organization's mission is to foster understanding between Catholic and Protestant children in the most troubled areas of Belfast.

Queens University scholars concluded after studying the program's long-term effects that it helps children become more tolerant of each other's differences, which helps to heal the centuries-old rifts that still fester and get passed down to too many of Northern Ireland's children.

Because of Creative Irish Gifts, many of Northern Ireland's children who were most in danger of adding to their country's troubles later in life are living more confident, productive, and successful lives.

And thanks to those children, the people of Ireland and the world are more at peace. THAT is why I am a loyal customer....and I hope you will be too!

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Claddagh Resources in Print:

Claddagh-Ring-book The Claddagh Ring : Ireland's Cherished Symbol of Friendship, Loyalty and Love by Malachy McCourt
Best-selling author Malachy McCourt explores the history of this beloved Irish symbol through vivid anecdotes, charming folk tales, and recent incidents. I learned so much from this book, and yet it is very entertaining to read as well. You won't be bored the way McCourt weaves his magical words and entangles you in the alluring stories of this ring's cherished history.

Irish Wedding Traditions: Using Your Irish Heritage to Create the Perfect Wedding, by Shannon McMahon Lichte, is one of my favorite little books. I read this one cover to cover in less than one day! The book is not only a lovely, gift-quality keepsake, it is also a very handy and practical guide to Irish wedding traditions - including Claddagh history and symbolism. After all, it is by far the most popular Irish wedding ring.

If you're planning a wedding, click here and
See how easy it is to give your wedding an Irish flair!

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Claddagh History, Folklore, and Symbolism

Irish Claddagh Rings on the Hands of Royalty

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