Your Guide to all the most beloved
Irish symbols is Fantasy-Ireland...

Of all the Celtic symbols I have studied,
Some are just distinctively Irish symbols...

From the historical symbols like the beloved Celtic harp and the Irish Flag to the lucky shamrocks and leprechauns, my in-depth articles explain the many emblems of Irish symbolism.

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From the myths and legends to the history and politics,
Fantasy Ireland is the only guide you need to understand all the cherished symbols of the Emerald Isle!

Celtic Harps: Official Symbol of the Emerald Isle
Otherwise known as the Heraldic Harp, it has been part of the Irish landscape for centuries. Not only has the harp been a symbol of Ireland since the 15th century, it is still the official emblem for the Republic of Ireland, used on the Presidential seal and Irish coins...

The Claddagh: "Let Love and Friendship Reign!"
Perhaps the most romantic of all the Irish symbols is the legendary Claddagh. From ancient gods to Richard Joyce, Ireland has many stories about Claddagh history and symbolism. Discover the alluring mixture of folklore and fact - then decide which one reveals the truth to you.

The Irish Flag: Tricolour Symbol of Hope
Popularly known as the "tricolour", the Irish flag is one of the most important symbols of Ireland. The three vertical stripes are a visual reminder of Ireland's political landscape. The Irish flag symbolizes the two opposing groups in Ireland, and the hope of lasting peace between them.

The Leprechaun Legend: Real Irish Luck or Just a Bunch of Blarney?
Either way, the leprechaun legend has stood the test of time. The most famous (or infamous) Irish fairy of them all is the stuff of many dreams and folktales and one of Ireland's most popular symbols.

The Shamrock Legend:
Perhaps the most universal symbol of Ireland is the shamrock. Ready to sort out the facts from the fantasy of the shamrock legend? Fantasy-Ireland reveals more about the shamrock legend than you will find anywhere else.

Saint Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland
You will find many articles about St. Patrick here. Saint Patrick...legendary patron saint of Ireland returned to the Emerald Isle after escaping many hard years of slavery. He was following his divine calling to convert pagan Irish Celts to Christianity.

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