Irish christening gowns stand
out as truly unique heirlooms

There are many ways to add that special touch
to make Irish christening gowns just right.

All christening gowns should be made of delicate, soft fabrics that are easy on babies' delicate skin. Organza and satin are two fabrics often used to make christening gowns.

But to honor you child's unique heritage in every stitch of her Irish christening gown, consider having it made with Irish linen or Irish lace.

Many crafty Irish mothers often use fabric or lace from their bridal veils or gowns to make their babies' christening gowns. It is an old Irish custom.

The firstborn child wears part of the bridal ensemble. The threads binding the generations together are bound together in the two most precious garments. Then, when it comes time for that child to marry, the mother uses that same fabric from the christening gown to make a new bridal gown.

A variation on this custom would be to using your bridal gown or veil to make your baby's christening gown and preserving it for your grandchild's christening in the future.

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Irish christening gowns are also distinctive because they are often embellished with "shingerleens," just like the gowns of Irish brides.

Shingerleens are embellishments to the gown using Irish lace, embroidery, or ribbons.

The embroidery could be any one of several Irish symbols, such as the shamrock, the claddagh, or a Celtic cross.

Whether you are Irish, Scottish, Welsh or not you may very well feel a special affinity for Celtic art. If that is the case, you may want to ensure that your baby's christening gown is embellished with ancient Celtic symbols, such as knotwork or spirals.

Irish christening gowns can be distinctive in a number of ways. Whether they are made from Irish linen, embellished with shamrocks, or a special gown made from part of the mother's bridal gown...Irish christening gowns stand out as truly unique heirlooms.

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