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Christening Resources in Print

Little-Book-of-Christenings Little Book of Christenings: Creative Ideas for a Special Day
This book is one of the best christening resources for anyone planning a ceremony to welcome a baby into the world, whether you are Irish or not. Plenty to inspire you and help you make your baby's christening day unique!

Irish Wedding Traditions by Shannon McMahon-Lichte
And this little gem, although primarily for planning a traditional Irish wedding, is also one of my favorite christening resources. It will help you find ways to bring the Irish spirit into your wee one's new life. Chapter Five, entitled "From This Day Forward", has a section filled with charming rituals and superstitions surrounding "The Irish Child".

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Traditional Christening Resources:

This site is simply a treasure trove of information about the Catholic faith. Although their articles cover just about every aspect of the faith, here are ones that we recommend as excellent christening resources:

  • "Helping the Newly Baptized", St. Anthony Messenger Magazine Online, September 2002
    Father Pat McCloskey, O.F.M., shares what is required to be godparents, his answers coming directly from Canon Law.
  • "Godparents and Sponsors : What is Expected of them Today?" - Catholic Update, 2002
    Father William F. Wegher explains the evolution of the role of godparents and what is expected of them in our modern society. He offers new parents advice for choosing godparents and tells new godparents how to carry out their roles.
  • "The Sacrament of Baptism : Celebrating the Embrace of God"
    Sister Sandra DeGidio, O.S.M., presents a fascinating article that covers not only the history of baptism, but also reveals the theological significance behind this sacrament. She explains why we need to be cleansed of Original Sin with this ritual as well. Finally, she provides helpful advice to parents who are preparing for their baby's baptism.

BeliefNet.com - Welcome Your Baby: Catholic Traditions
Lisa Konick offers numerous ways to welcome your baby into the world incorporating Catholic traditions. Her article includes a little information about formal infant baptism as well.

Catholic Ireland
Absolutely wonderful resource for specifically Irish-Catholic christening traditions. This article is an excellent christening resource which gives you an overview, but also leads into other related, but more secular, issues that may concern you...like how much the event may cost and whether it matters if you're a single mom.

Emily Post (1873–1960). Etiquette. 1922. Chapter XXIII. Christenings
An oldie, but a goodie. Unquestionably indispensable christening resource, especially if adherance to the rules of etiquette in christening tradition are important to you.

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Contemporary Alternatives
to Traditional Christenings


BabyWorld.co.uk - Christenings and naming ceremonies
Joanna Moorhead investigates the best way to go about celebrating the birth of your baby. This article is wonderful for people who want to mark the occasion in a solemn way, but who are not devoutly religious and are looking for alternatives.

Pagan & New Age

There is an ancient ritual very similar to christening that is practiced by pagans. The ceremony is called "seining", and it is for publicly welcoming, naming, and blessing the newborn child. For those of you who are very spiritually connected, but not devout Christians, and you really want to honor your Celtic roots...these resources are a good start.

  • BeliefNet.com - "Welcome Your Baby: Pagan Traditions"
    Lisa Konick offers various ideas to welcome your child into the world in accordance with pagan beliefs and traditions.
  • "The Finer Points of Ritual"
    Mike Nichols argues why it is inappropriate and disrespectful people to call the pagan ritual that is similar to christening "Wiccaning".
  • The Pagan's Path - Grimoire - Paganing Rite
    Whether you're Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim or traveling on any other spiritual path, PagansPath will help you learn about other beliefs and ways and teach you how similar we all really are.
  • PagansUnite.com
    This article tells you when, where, how, and why to perform a Pagan welcoming, naming, and blessing ritual for your child.
  • "The Saining"
    Rev. John "Fox" Adelmann presents a comprehensive explanation of the pagan ritual called "seining" (he spells it "saining", though). He clearly contrasts the pagan ritual and the Christian ritual. He also offers specific guidelines for the ceremony, including special prayers.
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Christening Gift Ideas

Baptism and Christening Keepsakes
A Baptism or Christening is already a special occasion for your baby but you can make it even more memorable with keepsake gifts, gowns, invitations, accessories and favors. My friend Sara offers you plenty of inspiration, including many great ideas for godparent gifts.

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Christening Resources on Fantasy-Ireland.com

Fantasy-Ireland's Christening Guide
Your baby's christening will be more memorable once you better understand the meaning behind it and discover ways to honor that. Find out the symbolism behind the ritual, when and how it began, how to plan an Irish christening, and more....

  • The Origins of Christening Tradition
    The roots of the Christening tradition may surprise you...Can you find any reference in the bible to an infant being baptized?
  • The Symbolism of Christening Traditions
    Why do christening traditions mean so much? Most cultures have rituals to welcome children into the world. Christening rituals go beyond that...
  • Irish Christening Tradition
    The way to have a distinctively Irish christening is to incorporate the customs, superstitions, and symbols of Ireland into your baby's special day. You'll find plenty of ideas to get your started on Fantasy Ireland...
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