Uniting Ireland and Scotland Tours
makes the perfect Celtic vacation

With Ireland and Scotland tours you can finally capture that long held dream to explore the magical charms and picturesque beauty of these ancient Celtic lands...

More than just a simple getaway from all the hustle and bustle of modern day life, you and your loved ones can enjoy all the magic, legends and castles Ireland and Scotland have to offer.

Whether your heritage calls you to Ireland, or Scotland, or both...there's something for everyone. From breathtaking scenery and ancient ruins, to lively pubs and festivals...Ireland and Scotland vacations set the stage for adventure, for romance, for family fun, for historical exploration, or just for peace and quiet.

Each country has its own charm and wonder, but together they make the perfect Celtic vacation!


Fantasy Ireland

Kerry, Ireland
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Your Ireland and Scotland tours begin on the Emerald Isle...home to mythical fairies, leprechaun legends and the dreaded Banshee. The Emerald Isle unquestionably has one of most compelling histories in the World.

Ranging from the unprecedented non-violent conversion from paganism to Christianity thanks to Saint Patrick and his bishops who brought Ireland out of the Dark Ages...

To the tragedy and heartbreak of the Great Potato Famine in the 19th century which reduced the population of Ireland more than half. Untold thousands either emigrated or died over the course of those long, dark years...

What many people don't realize is that Ireland is also home to some of the most breathtaking coastlines and landscapes in the World today.

Whatever your Celtic imagination can conjure...whether it's a peaceful walk along the scenic Cliffs of Moher, or a fascinating visit to one of the many medieval castles of Ireland to the more carefree modern life of Dublin (including a visit to the nearby Guinness brewery), there's no better place to begin your Celtic vacation than Ireland!


Mythical Scotland

Rainbow in The Highlands of Scotland
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Continue your Ireland and Scotland tours in the home of Glens and Lochs (not to mention the legendary tales of "Nessie", the Loch Ness Monster)...

Sightseeing in the Highlands is a must for your Celtic vacation. Scotland is sure to hold the magical charm of glorious beauty and splendor! The combination of its breathtaking scenery and rich heritage is hard to beat.

If golf is your passion, then Scotland is the perfect vacation spot for you and your family! St. Andrews is the ultimate destination for golf lovers. Considered "the home of Golf", St. Andrews offers numerous castle ground courses and 600 years of living history. But a visit to anywhere in Scotland will surely show the golf enthusiast that they have come to the home of this great ancient sport.

On the other hand, if you want to fully experience Gaelic culture, there are many exciting festivals year-round - including the famed Edinburgh Festival.

Click here to learn the secrets to enhancing your Scotland vacation from an insider.

Just think, you can be touring the lands where William Wallace, better known as "Braveheart", and his followers fought and died in the name of Freedom! There are no historical vacation destinations more stirring and humbling than touring Scotland and Ireland!


Family-Friendly Ireland and Scotland Tours

Taking part in Ireland and Scotland tours doesn't mean you have to leave the wee lads and lassies behind! The legendary hospitality of the Celtic people will ensure an especially warm welcome to any families visiting their shores. The key is to book an Ireland and Scotland vacation that's designed to be family-friendly.

Ireland touring companies offers a variety of relaxing, stress-free, safe, affordable, and family-friendly vacation packages.

For example, my daughter's dreaming of the Harry Potter Tour! Although, this tour doesn't include Ireland, these tours take you through the world of the young wizard...through Scotland, Wales, and Britain. Whether you start your Celtic family vacation in Ireland or end it there, a Harry Potter tour will surely be the highlight of any young muggle's Ireland and Scotland tour!

With the bounty of rich Celtic history, legendary folktales, magnificent beaches and historical castles to enjoy in both lands, children who join the Ireland and Scotland tours will never tire of exciting things to do and places to see. And they'll definitely have some unique stories to tell their classmates when they share what they did on vacation!


Romance in Ireland and Scotland

If romance is what you seek, then tours of Ireland and Scotland’s castles (and there are over 50 of them that offer tours!) are hard to beat. Or better yet, you can stay in one of the many lavishly refurbished hotel castles!

Whether it’s walking the grounds of Waterford Castle in Ireland or Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, there is nowhere more romantic to spend your vacation nights than a luxury suite in a medieval hotel castle! Imagine sleeping in the same room as the lords and ladies of days gone by! Not to mention the celebrities and heads-of-state of today!

Most hotel castle rooms come complete with exquisite antique furnishings, gorgeous tapestries, and ornate fireplaces. They provide the perfect balance between old-world charm and modern-day luxury. Staying in a castle is sure to bring a warm glow to your heart and bring you close to your loved one as you take in all the delights of your unforgettable tour of Ireland and Scotland. Fantasy-Ireland.com features the best of Ireland's hotel castles sorted by region, and the Official Tourism Board of Scotland features a guide to the best Scottish castle hotels.


Ireland and Scotland for History Lovers

Ireland and Scotland tours would not be complete without visiting all the splendors of their rich and wonderful histories. From the cottages and public houses of Co. Cork to the stones of Hadrian’s Wall, Ireland and Scotland are packed full of World Heritage Sites - with buildings dating back to ancient times.

The splendor and beauty of their countryside set against these ancient cottages and buildings make Ireland and Scotland tours one of the great pleasures and relaxations of life. You may even feel brave enough to try out the culinary delights of Haggis or a bowl of Irish stew!


It helps to learn a little Gaelic
Before you tour Ireland and Scotland

Despite all the attempts to eradicate it, the Gaelic language is still alive and well and spoken in both Ireland and Scotland. With its famously rich poetic and oral history, tours to the famed centres of this language have never been more popular with people wishing to acquaint themselves with the language of their ancestors.

And if this is for you, courses in Gaelic are now being run for both the serious language student as well as those who want to take things in a more Celtic, leisurely manner, as just a small part of their Ireland and Scotland tour.

One handy little book to have along with you is Irish Is Fun!: A New Course for the Beginner. Or perhaps you'd like the fun and functional book, Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course. Even though English is spoken in both countries, you'll have a much easier time communicating with the locals if you have a better understanding of Gaelic before you set out on your Ireland and Scotland tours.


Combining your Ireland and Scotland tours

If you are overwhelmed by all the exciting possibilities and aren't sure how to go about planning your Ireland and Scotland tour, we recommend a vacation package which has itineraries covering the best of both lands.

Ireland and Scotland share a common language, similar cultures and striking beauty that is undeniable. So, whether you want to seek out your roots in the Land of Joyce, or see the Kin of Bruce, combining your Ireland and Scotland tours lets you get two for the price of one (a true Celtic tradition!), and make your dream of a Celtic vacation finally come true!


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