The Irish Christmas resources
most valuable to me

Not all Irish Christmas resources are helpful to you as you look for more about Irish Christmas traditions.

Often, the most useful Irish Christmas resources are found right under your nose, in the most obvious places.

But without doing alot of digging you never know what is useful and what is a waste of your time.

Many of my resources are listed on the specific page which I wrote with the help researching that resource. These are not repeated on this page.

The books and websites listed on this page were resources that provided great background material that helped me put into context all the specific Irish Christmas topics I cover.

I hope that this page will help you learn more about the traditional Irish Christmas.

Irish Christmas Resources in Print

An Irish Country Christmas: As a nine-year-old girl growing up in County Kerry, Alice Taylor recalls a very special Irish Christmas.

Her memoir takes you there as they prepare the Christmas Goose, get the chimney ready for the arrival of Santa, and participate in the procession of the "Wren Boys". A sentimental look at Christmas in Ireland.

Irish Christmas Book: If you are looking for ways to have a tradiitonal Irish Christmas resources are scarce. But John Killen's book will give you plenty of ideas.

Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs: This is a hard book to find new. In fact if you do, you may want to sell it on eBay after you read it!

It's available on the Amazon Marketplace, but I recommend checking your local library first, that's where I found it.

Francis X. Weiser illuminates the symbolism of mistletoe and christmas holly, as well as providing a great deal of insight into the origin of many Irish Christmas traditions.

Simply Delicious Irish Christmas: This is the only book I have that is devoted solely to traditional Irish Christmas food and recipes.

If you want a traditional Irish Christmas dinner, there is no better resource.

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Irish Christmas Resources Online "Christmas in Ireland: Irish Christmas Traditions" "The Celtic Origins of Christmas: Alban Arthuan"
Invaluable resource no matter what the subject. In this instance, I had more to learn about Ireland's "Little Christmas", "St. Stephen's Day", and a few other aspects of Irish Christmas traditions.

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Fantasy Ireland's Irish Christmas Articles

An Irish Christmas with Fantasy Ireland
The Irish Christmas holds a truly sacred place in the hearts of the Irish people. After years of religious oppression, the Irish have held tight to the rituals and symbols of Christmas and have never forgotten that "Jesus is the reason for the season..."

Irish Christmas Traditions
What is the difference between Irish Christmas traditions and American Christmas traditions? Our Irish ancestors brought many favorite Christmas customs, songs, and decorations to America. But the difference lies in the symbolism behind Irish Christmas traditions.

The 12 Days of Christmas Legend
In Ireland the 12 Days of Christmas is more than just a Christmas carol. Many believe it was a way to teach the Catholic faith to children during the years that it was illegal to practice the Catholic faith.

An Irish Candle in the Window at Christmas
The glowing candle in the window is a common Christmas decoration in most Irish homes. But it is more than a lovely Christmas decoration in Ireland. It symbolizes many things, but the oldest is the most important of all.

The Mythical Powers of Mistletoe
Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Mistletoe has long been ascribed with mystical powers in Ireland, far stronger than just a spark of romance after a brief kiss.

The Symbolism of Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly is one of the most popular Christmas decorations. But did you know that holly has been a religious symbol in Ireland for thousands of years?

Traditional Irish Christmas Food
Irish Christmas Food is one of the best parts of Christmas in Ireland. But what traditional Irish Christmas food is unique to the Emerald Isle?

Lyrics to 6 Traditional Irish Christmas Carols
Traditional Irish Christmas carols are often only heard as instrumentals. But so you can sing along, we have the lyrics to 6 of the most popular Irish Christmas carols...

My Celtic Christmas Music Collection: The Top 10
Without the sounds of Celtic Christmas music, it would be hard for me to embrace the Christmas spirit. Since I started exchanging Celtic Christmas CDs with my husband every year, I feel like Scrooge without them. Start your own tradition with my Top 10.

Why you will love spending Christmas in Ireland
If you spend Christmas in Ireland, you'll experience the Spirit of the season everywhere you go. Ireland winters are actually fairly mild, and you'll be amazed at how much money you save by coming in the off-peak season.

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