An Ireland vacation rental will give
you a real home away from home...

When it comes to the issue of where to stay, an Ireland vacation rental is a better option than staying in a hotel.

An Ireland vacation rental is an arrangement for living in a fully furnished and equipped home on a rental basis. Renting a vacation home is ideal for longer stays, say of one week or more.

An Ireland vacation home rental offers all the comforts of a modern home including stove, full-size refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, large living room/dining area, fireplace, multiple bedrooms, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking utensils and even barbeque grills.

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But these conveniences are just a few of the reasons to choose an Ireland vacation rental

Another reason is that it is a great value. For one thing, you can pay as low as $77 per day for a one week period versus $100 or more for the average hotel room. And if you have a large group, you'd have to pay that for each additional room AND have the hassle of trying to get adjoining rooms! With a rental home, everyone can have their own room, yet still have a private living room/dining room to relax without mingling with strangers.

Not only is it usually less expensive than a hotel, but having your own kitchen means you don't have to eat out several times a day. If you'd still like to have a taste of Irish culture even when you aren't in a restaurant, though, you can always stock up the kitchen and try some Irish recipes!

Another great benefit of staying in an Ireland vacation rental is the privacy and serenity it gives you and your family. In crowded hotels you may have to tolerate other guests who are noisy or intrusive. An Ireland vacation home rental also has a more serene atmosphere than a hotel with its bustle of visitors and constant shuffle of feet.

An Ireland vacation rental also offers you more space than a hotel and this situation makes it ideal for a vacation with children. Kids can play on the lawn, jump in the backyard or even play hide and seek in the large living room. It also makes them feel at home in a foreign land.

Even when you don’t come with kids, the sheer space will give you room to walk about in a more relaxed atmosphere. Renting a vacation home will also free you from the rigid rules and regulation of the hotel and make you feel free and thus make your stay more enjoyable. Lastly, you have a large outer area to park your car, set up a tent, camping facilities or even throw a party.

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There are a few considerations that you may have to take notice of in your choice of an Ireland vacation rental

  • Determine the number of rooms and facilities you will need.
    If you are a group, then you will obviously need to rent a home with several bathrooms. If you are a family with children, you will need a large living room area and enhanced laundry facilities.
  • You may also have to decide on which location best suits your vacation.
    Decide on which style of neighbourhood you prefer: the suburb, country, village or hamlet. Your Ireland vacation rental should be close to the best tourist attractions in Ireland so you have less trekking or driving to do each day.
  • There are several types of Ireland Vacation Rentals to choose from.
    Depending on your taste, convenience and budget, you can go for castle, palace, farmhouse, apartment or townhouse. If you will be doing a lot of cooking, then be sure to look out for well-equipped kitchens. Coffee lovers, ask for availability of coffee makers!
    Search a directory of Ireland vacation rental homes, condos, cottages, and villas available for rent by owner.
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Prices of Ireland Vacation Rentals

The price of an Ireland Vacation Rental will depend on the season. Here is a summary of the averages:

  • $540/week April & October
  • $615/week May
  • $690/week June & September
  • $840/week July & August
  • $385/week for the rest of the year
  • $925/week Christmas & New Year
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If you're looking for a true home away from home for your stay on the Emerald Isle, an Ireland vacation rental may be just the ticket. It's an especially attractive option if you will be travelling with small children and/or in a large group. You'll have more privacy, freedom, flexibility, and serenity by staying in an Ireland vacation home.

If you have an Ireland vacation rental that you would like to list on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me to make arrangements.

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