Make your holiday in Ireland a special one by staying in the best Ireland bed and breakfasts

Conveniently located near some of Ireland's major attractions, Ireland bed and breakfasts offer you many wonderful places to stay.

And, with close to 500 bed and breakfasts located all over this wonderful Emerald Isle, each with their own very distinctive features, as well as some general ones, visitors to Ireland really should experience the pleasures on offer with an Ireland bed and breakfast - if they want to say that they have really "lived" the Irish experience.

Some general features of Ireland bed and breakfasts

As with hotels around the world, Ireland bed and breakfasts operate on a star-rated grading system - with a one-star bed and breakfast being your basic bed and breakfast and a five-star bed and breakfast being the far more upscale version. This grading system should also be reflected in the pricing of your choice of Ireland bed and breakfast. Here, simply put (as it does depend slightly on where your are in Ireland) a one-star bed and breakfast should cost you about $40 per night and a five-star bed and breakfast should cost you about $90 per night.

Having said that, one immediate thing to note about the bed and breakfasts in Ireland, and how they differ with the hotel experience, is that they are nearly all run by families who actually live in the bed and breakfast themselves. So Ireland's bed and breakfasts are small family businesses and consequently you are certain of receiving a wonderful warm Irish welcome if you chose to stay in one.

Another great general feature of all of the Ireland bed and breakfasts - as their name suggests - is that the room rate includes the cost of the following morning's breakfast! And what a breakfast it is! Just so you know what you are in for, a traditional Irish breakfast consists of:

  • One Irish sausage
  • Irish bacon
  • Irish black pudding
  • Irish white pudding
  • Two eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Irish baked beans
  • Toast
  • Butter
  • Cheese

So, after you've eaten all that , you won't need to eat till lunchtime!

Another factor that you will want to keep in mind is whether or not you want your bed and breakfast to have ensuite bathrooms or communal bathrooms. If you are happy with the latter, then you'll have more of a selection. But if privacy is important to you, you'll be prepared to pay a premium for it.

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Dublin Ireland Bed and Breakfasts

As you can no doubt imagine, being Ireland's capital means that Dublin has a vast array of bed and breakfasts to from which to choose. However, if you choose to stay on the south-side of Dublin, close to Temple bar, then you should look out for the Blackstone House bed and breakfast, which not only offers close proximity to a lot of Dublin's facilities, but also a very homely atmosphere. Also, this bed and breakfast comes with ensuite facilities and complimentary tea and coffee facilities.

However, if you want to stay in downtown Dublin city center, then you should look out for the Ferryview House bed and breakfast. This wonderful bed and breakfast overlooks Dublin Bay and offers easy access to some of Ireland best pubs, restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions.

If you are staying near the airport (maybe getting ready to come back home) then you could do a lot worse than spending your last night at the Evergreen-Swords bed and breakfast. This bed and breakfast has superb rooms and gardens and is not only located near the airport but is only a 25 mile drive from downtown Dublin city center itself.

County Galway Ireland Bed and Breakfasts

One of the most charming and delightful of Ireland's bed and breakfasts is Rusheen Bay House, which is located in Salthill, Galway. This fantastic bed and breakfast overlooks Galway Bay and is conveniently located near to the Golf Club, leisure swimming pool, horseback riding and pubs. There are also a number of great restaurants nearby. But never fear, this bed and breakfast not only offers a "substantial" traditional Irish breakfast, but also a selection of fresh fruits, juices and cheese.

For those staying close to the Atlantic Ocean, a more delightful bed and breakfast than Fuchsia House would be hard to come by. As the name of this bed and breakfasts suggests, this bed and breakfast is surrounded by fuchsias. It is also located between the Connemara Mountain and the Atlantic. Inside the bed and breakfast has a traditional fireplace with spacious rooms. But possibly the most spectacular time to be there is to watch the sunset.

Finally, if you are staying near the lakes, then look out for Corner Stones bed and breakfast. This bed and breakfast is located in an areas know locally as the Twelve Range - a series of lakes and the sea. Centrally located between Clifden, Letterfrack and Cleggan, it is not hard to see why this is an award wining Ireland bed and breakfast.

County Cork Ireland Bed and Breakfasts

Three minutes drive from the historic Blarney Castle, where tradition states that eloquence will be bestowed on all who kiss the famous Blarney Stone, is the Sunnyside bed and breakfast. This is one of the newer and more modern bed and breakfasts in Ireland and it does have very regulated check-in times - between 5.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. However, it is centrally located, so worth considering.

For a more scenic hotel, look to the Rivermount House. This bed and breakfast is located approximately 30 minutes drive from Cork airport and overlooks the Bandon River. It is also close to Garrettstown Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. This bed and breakfast also offer a pack-lunch service. Certainly one to keep on your list of Ireland bed and breakfasts to stay in.

County Kilkenny Ireland Bed and Breakfasts

Kilkenny is one of Ireland's medieval cities, so as you can imagine her bed and breakfasts are also located in wonderful medieval buildings. Two to look out for if you are in this area are The Folly, a family run business near good "local" pubs, and The Auburndale, which is on the outskirts of Kilkenny town. The Auburndale bed and breakfast has the added distinction of having an award-winning garden.

Northern Ireland Bed and Breakfasts and the Lakeland Counties

If you are touring the elegant rich farmlands of Northern Ireland and need bed and brakfast accommation to stay in, then you may want to consider the following. If you are in the area around Derry then two wonderful bed and breakfasts are Clanwilliam Lodge and Sunbeam Hotel. Clandwilliam Lodge is spectacularly set in some of Northern Ireland's richest farmland 32 miles from Derry City and overlooking the Bann Valley. This wonderful bed and breakfast certainly leaves the impression that one has gone back to nature - living on the farm. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay closer to Derry City itself, then Sunbeam House is a townhouse located within the historic walls of Derry itself. This quaint townhouse is located 5 minutes from the city center. If you are a vegetarian then this bed and breakfast is certainly for you as they cater especially to vegetarians.

Belfast, capital of the north, has a number of wonderful bed and breakfasts to choose from. Two to look out for though are Ardbrin Lodge, 3 miles from Belfast's international airport, and Bienvenue Guesthouse, in South Belfast and not far from Belfast's famous Queens University. Both of these bed and breakfasts allow you the feel that you are secluded in the the countryside, while maintaining the availability of big-city life nearby.

One final bed and breakfast in Northern Ireland that you should certainly look for, if you are in that area, is Clanbogan County House. This bed and breakfast is conveniently located to the wonderful scenic beauties that can be found at Fermanagh Lakelands and has a choice of not 1, but 4, golf courses to play.

Wherever you stay in Ireland, whether it be in the North or South, near the sea, or in the town centers, choosing to stay in one of the many Ireland bed and breakfasts is a sure way to ensure that you receive a very warm Irish welcome - and great Irish breakfast to set you on your way!

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