The Challenge:
Finding Irish Castles for Sale

Indeed, finding castles for sale in Ireland does present somewhat of a challenge, especially for those of us who don't live there.

But it remains a challenge that many people take up every year. I'd like to give you some practical advice to help you in your search for Irish castles for sale.

Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a castle?

Haven't you ever dreamed of dancing in a grand ballroom that at one time was filled with princes and other nobility?

Well wonder no more!

If you dream of owning a castle, have plenty of patience, and are willing to do a bit of research, I can help you find a castle for sale and make your fantasy a reality!

Imagine being surrounded by awe-inspiring architecture, laboriously created by hand centuries ago without access to modern technology...or even electricity!

If you find yourself dreaming of this lifestyle, you're not alone. Celtic castles, and all things medieval for that matter, have gotten very popular in recent years. While it's true that there aren't Irish castles for sale on every corner, you can still find them if you're willing to be diligent and patient.

First, decide what region of Ireland you'd prefer to find your castle

If you want to buy a castle in Ireland, you must first decide whether you're interested in a particular region. If you are, then research that area first. There are many great resources online with community guides to all 32 of Ireland's counties.

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Best ways to find Irish castles for sale

Unlike houses and commercial buildings, you probably won't find listings for Irish castles for sale in the local real estate section of a newspaper (unless, of course, you already live in Ireland). A better place to begin searching for castles for sale is with a reputable real estate agent in Ireland so you can be contacted as soon as Irish castles come on the market. Both and the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland can help you choose a real estate agent. They also both provide lots of advice and services for real estate buyers in Ireland.

Discuss with the local realtor your interests and see what the realtor has to offer. During the discussion, expect that the realtor will be pre-screening you to see how serious you are about buying an Irish castle. Why? Because buying an Irish castle is an enormous undertaking and a realtor won't be interested in working with a client who is not completely serious about this type of transaction.

Also, if you're planning an Ireland vacation, check with locals in the area while you're there to see if they know of any Irish castles on the market. They may know of a castle just in the next county coming available soon, before the real estate agents even know about it!

Another way to locate Irish castles for sale is, of course, to search the Internet. As a result of the recent interest in Irish castles and other places of historical significance, web sites have been developed to deal specifically with these types of unique property transactions.

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Things to carefully consider when
researching Irish castles for sale...

First, be sure you've thought diligently about the type of property you will be buying. Castles for sale are very expensive to buy, restore, and maintain. It is important to understand that most of a castle's value is based on the property upon which it is built, not in the castle itself. Most castles will require a considerable amount of updating and remodeling. But since governments actually own many of the castles and underlying properties, you may be eligible for one of the many different grants that are available to assist with upgrading and refurbishing the castle.

Be prepared for repairs. Remember that castles are huge and they're old. So refurbishing a castle can be quite costly, ranging between $200,000 and $2 million or even more! For instance, the roof may be in poor condition; the plumbing might leak; the electricity, if there is any, may not meet local code requirements; and there may already be tenants in the castle...rats, squirrels and other things that come out at night!

After the remodeling is complete, you'll need to furnish the castle too, and you may need to hire a staff to keep it clean and maintained. And they are usually not very energy efficient. They can be somewhat cold and drafty. If you purchase an Irish castle in a region where the temperature drops considerably during the winter, the monthly heating bill might just cost more than the monthly mortgage!

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Regardless of the time and expense, if you dream of
living in an Irish castle...hold on to that dream!

Because even if the reality of buying a castle presents plenty of challenges, we all know that anything in life worth pursuing is full of challenges! And there's just something about the idea of living in a castle that brings out the child in us all! If it is something you can carry out in a logical, adult manner...there's no reason why you can't answer the call of your inner child! If you indeed have the "luck of the Irish" as well as "the patience of Job" you may just find an Irish castle for sale that's right for you and then you will finally be able to live your fantasy!

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