Do you want real Irish soda bread...
Without having to bake it from scratch?

Even with easy Irish bread recipes, take it from me, it's hard to duplicate genuine Irish soda bread...especially if your a bit challenged in the culinary arts like me! : )

When I want the taste of authentic Irish bread, I don't trust myself to deliver that taste by making a loaf from scratch! Instead, I order it from a trusted merchant who carries genuine Irish food. I've found two in particular that I really like.


With FoodIreland, you can get FRESH Irish Soda Bread directly from Ireland delivered right to your door for less than $4 a loaf!

One drawback is you have to purchase more than $15 from them to get an order shipped. But with such a large variety of authentic Irish food, you shouldn't have a problem finding enough to fill that shopping cart without spending a bundle.

After all, what's Irish soda bread without a spot of genuine Irish Tea? A few loaves of the Irish soda bread combined with the Irish tea will give you your minimum order requirement, and you'll be ready give the ladies at your afternoon tea a real taste of Ireland. Nice touch for that Irish bridal or baby shower as well!

Although getting authentic Irish food directly from Ireland is a special treat, it does come at a premium. The other big drawback for Americans buying from FoodIreland is that the time and expense for shipping outside Ireland or the UK are high. I'm not saying it's not worth it. Not at all! customers give this Irish soda bread a 5-star rating!

But if you live in North America there is a great alternative to consider...


iGourmet is based in the U.S. and also offers authentic Irish food. Not only can you get Irish Soda Bread Mixicon. You can complement your soda bread with either authentic Irish Breakfast Teaicon or Dublin Morning Teaicon. Turn your ordinary Irish soda bread into a sensational treat with a little Irish Blackberry Jamicon. This delicious jam is made in West Cork, Ireland from premium fruit and Irish spirits.

I love iGourmet for three reasons. First, they offer Americans a way to have authentic Irish merchandise delivered right to their door at incredibly reasonable prices. Second, your orders are processed and shipped quickly and their award-winning customer service is top-notch, especially their no-hassle guarantee. Named "Best of the Web" by Forbes magazine, you can't go wrong buying from iGourmet!

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