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I have been studying Irish baby names with my husband for years, ever since we discovered we were expecting the birth of our beloved daughter, Shannon. So I've had plenty of time to sort through more resources than I can count...both online and off.

Honestly, I wish there had been some kind of guide back then to tell me what resources were worth my time and which ones weren't worth the trouble. But you can now benefit from my 20/20 hindsight!

From websites online to good old books you can pass the time with on those long waits for your prenatal checkups in the offline world, I can now share with you only the best resources for finding the perfect Irish baby name for your child.

Best Books for Choosing Irish Baby Names

I found several books throughout my search for the perfect Irish baby name, as I'm sure you have. But many of the most popular baby name books fall far short when it comes to choosing a traditional Irish baby name, even those that proclaim to focus on Irish baby names!

For example, the book, Beyond Shannon and Sean fell short when it came to finding more details on pronunciation and history. This book isn't bad if you are just feeling a little whimsical about your search, and like picking names according to how popular they are. But it's pretty superficial and didn't really spark my passion for Celtic mythology or Ireland's proud history.

After all the research I have done, there are only three books that I believe are really worth recommending as truly useful and helpful sources of Irish baby names, meanings, spellings, and pronunciations. I also only wanted to recommend books that give you something special, like background on historical and mythical figures who shared these names, or innovative ways to find a name according to unique characteristics of your baby.

Whether you get one or all three, the best way to find the perfect Irish name for your baby is to have something you can take with you anywhere you go, circling your favorites along the way. So as you're patiently waiting to get your prenatal check-up, forget the outdated magazines! The time will fly if you're working on choosing the perfect Irish name for your little lad or lassie. Good luck!

Celtic-Baby-Names-bookCeltic Baby Names has over 1000 traditional first names from many Celtic countries. It has chapters for each of the countries where Celtic names are most prominent, including Ireland. Judy Sierra gives the name, the pronunciation, the origin, and tells about famous historical figures who had the names. This book is perfect for parents who want their baby to have an authentic, unique Celtic name. Your child can share his or her name with great historical figures or legendary folk heroes and heroines. Critics and readers alike rave Celtic Baby Names. After reading, studying, and using it myself, I can honestly give this book my highest recommendation!

Irish-baby-name-bookO'Baby is another truly special book full of great Irish names. One customer even called it "a triumph of research". Not only does it offer hundreds of baby names for expectant parents to consider, it helps you find just the right name in a unique and practical way. You can search according to themes. There is a section just for animals, sections for different colors of hair, as well as sections about Irish historical figures and mythical Irish heroes and heroines. Of course, you also get the typical A-Z section with translations and alternate spellings.

Celtic Names For Children lists over 2000 traditional Celtic names for girls and boys, including a section of Irish names. You'll discover the meaning of the names, and read about the stories, myths, places, and saints associated with them. It also provides pronunciations and alternate spellings, so this book is genuinely helpful and practical.

Best Sites for finding Celtic and Irish Baby Names

Babies Online's Baby Names
Looking for a name for your new baby? Visit Babies Online to search and browse for the perfect name.

Baby Name Addicts
The Motherlode of Baby Names! What does YOUR name mean? Baby name etymology with over 51,000 names, meanings, origins, popularity graphs, surveys, and more!

Baby Names Of Ireland provides links within the name descriptions to the stories and myths behind the legendary figures who shared those names. Although the pronunciation is not very clear the way it is written, this site is unique because you can listen to the names being pronounced, so that you can hear for yourself if it sounds right for your baby.

Baby Place: The starting point for information on pregnancy, birth and baby names.

Behind The Name
The meaning and history behind first names from all over the world. Vast database of just about any name you can imagine. Excellent navigation. Also features message boards and polls.

Ireland's Central Statistics Office has been publishing the most popular Irish baby names every year since 1998, so it is a great source for seeing popular trends in baby names. The most recent release is for name registrations in the year 2003. So whether you want to find a popular Irish baby name or avoid one, you can find the most popular Irish baby names by clicking here.

Name Nerds
Neat little site that specializes in Irish and Scottish baby names. I like this one too because they have a soft spot for unique names, just like me.

Think Baby Names
Get thinking on names with this concise dictionary on the origin and meaning of first names.

Find the Perfect Irish Baby Name on Fantasy-Ireland
I give you both unique and popular Celtic and Irish baby names for girls and boys in a way that makes it easy for you to find the perfect name for your little one. I give you the pronunciation, origin, alternate spellings, and even some of the history and mythology behind the names.

I have not listed every single Celtic or Irish baby name I have come across in our research. I have only listed certain favorites which I chose either because I like the way they sound, admire the mythical people who shared the name, or both. I hope you'll agree and find one that suits you and your child perfectly.
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