With an Ireland walking tour
the very soil of the Emerald Isle
becomes your companion...

To experience the Emerald Isle intimately you must take an Ireland walking tour.

If you are fascinated by the lands, people, and culture of Ireland, they can all become cherished friends when you decide to explore the Emerald Isle on foot.

With the sun upon your shoulders, the scent of heather in the air, and Erin passing you with each footfall, you will truly behold all the wonders of this ancient land.

Whether embarking on a simple city walk amongst the bustling streets of Dublin, hiking the marshy lands of Connemara, or trekking along the cliffs and beaches of the southern coast, an Ireland walking tour makes the Emerald Isle come alive in a way that no tour bus will allow.

If you wish to see Ireland in all its glory, nothing matches the experience of travelling with no other transportation than that which God provided.

With an Ireland walking tour, you will traverse the lands just as the bards did when the Celts ruled the land. More than a mere tourist, as a hiker you become a pilgrim to bygone eras of mystery when Ireland was defined by chieftains, heroes, and travelling storytellers.

Though the pace is leisurely, the sensations of wonder speed by with every change in the wind, as you approach a mysterious mount, or crest the next rise to feast your eyes upon the wondrous panorama that opens forth in all its emerald glory.

But an Ireland walking tour is not just the best way to see all the sights of Ireland. It also provides countless glorious sensations that make your journey unforgettable.

The scent of flowers can be so strong in the air that you can almost taste the nectar.

With each footstep, you feel the earth that sits underneath your tread.

The wind joins you on your journey as though it's telling you, "This is the way."

And every village and hamlet welcomes you with characteristic Irish warmth, letting you know that you have returned home, even if it is for the first time.

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Supplies for a guided Ireland walking tour

With guided walking tours, the only things you will need to bring with you are:

  • A sturdy backpack
  • A walking stick
  • A pair of good, comfortable, broken-in hiking boots
  • A Waterproof Rain Poncho
  • A First Aid Kit
  • Clothes
  • Cash, of course!
  • Everything else will be provided for in your tour.
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Supplies for an independent Ireland walking tour

However, for the more adventurous spirits, you can create your own hiking excursion across or through Ireland.

Self-directed Ireland walking tours are for those experienced hikers who do not mind solitude and can take care of themselves in an emergency.

These folks should know the land and should be able to perform the orienteering necessary for finding their way along the hiking trails that crisscross the country.

As well as the equipment needed for guided hiking tours, the lone hiker should have:

  • A compass or GPS
  • Possibly a tent and sleeping bag
  • Maps from the Ordnance Survey Discovery Series
  • A clear idea of where you are going! Without a guide, a plan and the right supplies, even the most well-prepared hiker will not get very far! It's a good idea to have a book handy to guide your way, whether you have a human guide or not. So take at least one book to guide you on your Ireland Walking Tour.
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If you yearn to connect with the land and people of Ireland, walking tours will provide a closeness that only the foot-borne traveler will experience.

By foregoing the coldly mechanized buffer of an automobile or bus, the person who walks Ireland becomes a part of the Emerald Isle.

Close to the land, you will feel its every nuance...
Close to the historical sites, you will become a modern heir to those who passed on before...
Close to the people, you will become one with them and join them in their love of this wild and diverse landscape...
And with each step of the way, you will know your old friend Éire a little bit more intimately.
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