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I want to give credit where credit is due to the best Celtic art resources available to the public today.

Fantasy-Ireland's articles about Celtic symbols are merely my humble interpretation of all that I've learned from the artists and scholars whose work I so admire.

Now it is time to bring together for my loyal readers the best of those resources so you can better succeed in your own quest for understanding. I hope you enjoy it and learn a little something along the way!

I sincerely hope that my recommended Celtic art resources, along with my guides to Irish and Celtic symbols, will be valuable sources of knowledge that help you along your way to understanding the beauty, the history, and the power of Celtic Art.

Celtic Artists Online

Cari Buziak -
Internationally-renowned Celtic artist Cari Buziak offers truly outstanding work, including over 850 FREE clip art designs and cross stitch patterns. Her designs are much richer than most found on the web. is also a great Celtic art resource both for learning about the history and evolution of the artform and learning how to create Celtic knots!

Courtney Davis -
According to Arts & Crafts Magazine, the Celtic Art of Courtney Davis, "...offers Celtic Art as displays of richness and colour, intricacy and symbolism to equal the world's finest styles".Courtney Davis is one of the most highly-acclaimed New Age Celtic artists today. He has been perfecting his style for over twenty years and also has an impressive collection of Celtic tattoo designs and Irish Dance Art Designs.

Jen Delyth's Original Celtic Art -
Inspired by the Celtic Mysteries, Jen Delyth draws from her Welsh heritage to craft the traditional discipline of intricate knotwork design. Her original work incorporates ancient motifs into a new living form, conveying archtypal, spiritual and mythical themes which express the Celtic belief in the inter-connectedness of all things.

Cynthia Matyi - Celtic Designs and Music
From the weapons of Bronze Age tribes to the complex and exquisite illuminated manuscripts of the Celtic monks...artist and musician Cynthia Matyi's intricate paintings will intrigue you while drawing you into their messages of peace, ecology and creativity.

Celtic Tattoo Artists

Celtic Lady's Tattoo Art
The Celtic Lady also features many Celtic tattoo designs at very reasonable prices that are an outstanding resource for the tattoo artists out there. This link will take you to her list of Celtic Symbol Designs for Tattoos.

Courtney Davis' Celtic Tattoo Flash Gallery
Hundreds of exquisite Celtic tattoo designs by world-renowned artist and author Courtney Davis, available for Instant Download!

Pat Fish -
Along with Courtney Davis, Pat Fish is by far one of the best Celtic tattoo artists online! Visit, where the slogan is, "Be Art! Get a Tattoo!". Or visit if you are looking for a design to buy. You won't be disappointed with this Celtic art resource!

NEW! If you are tired of sitting at the computer, searching and searching for information to help you choose the right Irish Celtic tattoo for you, you're in luck. John Murray has compiled two e-books with over 400 designs to choose from, plus the history and meaning behind his designs. Don't miss out! See for yourself at Celtic Tattoos Online and Shamrock Tattoos Online.

Expert Articles on
Celtic Symbols and Art
Ancient Spiral is an ever-growing Celtic art resource chock full of information on ancient cultures, history, mystical beliefs, myth and legend and the paranormal. Celtic jewelry, pagan, Wiccan and ancient designs often have a story to tell and knows how to tell them well.

Fantasy-Ireland's Guide to Irish Celtic Symbols
Historical, national, cultural, mythical, spiritual...there are plenty of symbols that represent the forty shades of the Emerald Isle, and then some! We are here to help you sort them all out!

Mara Freeman's
The Wisdom of the Ancient Celts is made accessible to all those who seek it, thanks to Mara Freeman's study of Celtic spirituality. Her articles make the mystical more understandable and the mythical come alive in the here and now. One of the most profound Celtic art resources online.

If you are fascinated by the symbolism of other cultures, is the Ultimate symbol site giving you resources on any kind of symbols you can imagine, organised by category and including significant original content.

Walker Metalsmiths - Knotwork History & Symbolism
Walker Metalsmiths is actually the online store for the crafts of Celtic artist Stephen Walker. But Mr. Walker's site is a great Celtic art resource because it provides numerous scholarly essays about the history and meaning of the Celtic symbols he uses to create his jewelry designs.

NEW! So, tell me, "What's Your Sign?"
My friend, Amy Ainsworth is an admirer of signs and symbols from ancient mystical cultures like me, she has many articles about Celtic symbols as well as signs and symbols of other ancient cultures. Don't miss her remarkable Celtic calligraphy. Truly enchanting!

Celtic Clip Art
Talented internationally-renowned Celtic artist Cari Buziak offers over 850 FREE Celtic clip art designs, cross stitch patterns, and Celtic fonts.

"Celtic or Knot"
Celtic and Fantasy Clipart by Howard Oliver

Dave's Cave
Celtic knotwork pictures, art, designs and clipart, free software, poetry and spiritual philosophy.

Deity Diva's Celtic Art
An extensive collection of Celtic web graphics, clipart and desktop art. I especially love her stained-glass and 3-D effects. Check this Celtic art resource out yourself and you won't be disappointed!

My Favorite Celtic Art Books

Aidan Meehan's "Celtic Design" Series

Animal Patterns

Celtic-Knots-Aidan-Meehan Celtic Knots: Mastering the Traditional Patterns

Knotwork: The Secret Method of the Scribes

Maze Patterns

Spiral Patterns

The Tree of Life

Books by Courtney Davis

Art-of-Celtia The Art of Celtia

Celtic Art Source Book

Celtic Art Workbook: Knotwork and Spirals

Celtic Designs and Motifs

Celtic and Old Norse Designs

The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction to the Manuscript in Trinity College Dublin
One of the greatest treasures of Western civilization is the Book of Kells, now on display in the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish monks created this masterpiece which is an illuminated manuscript of the Four Gospels.

Book-of-Kells-MeehanAlthough there are very few detailed studies of the Book of Kells available, much less with generous illustrations, this book stands out as one of the finest Celtic art resources in print. Bernard Meehan's book is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the Book of Kells for the aspiring Celtic art scholar as well as the student of Irish history.

Celtic Art: From Its Beginnings to the Book of Kells
If you want a comprehensive Celtic art resource that covers the style and substance of ancient Celtic life in-depth, this is the book for you. What is great about this book is that you can either read it closely for in-depth discussion of the ancient history and culture of the Celts, or it can be a lovely coffee-table book that you pick up and flip through quickly just to admire the exquisite illustrations. Within the pages of this book, you will learn all about all forms of Celtic art from everyday objects like pottery to battle gear and ornate jewely. The authors use objects found at numerous archaeological digs all over the Celtic world.

Celtic-Art-Method-and-ConstructionCeltic Art: The Methods of Construction
George Bain's excellent introduction to the techniques used to create Celtic Art for the serious artist. The 160 pages are packed with over 500 illustrations. George Bain offers the history and methods to various forms of Celtic art, including maze patters, spirals, zoomorphic forms, and knotwork. He makes it possible for the studious artists to learn to create extremely complex patterns, which can't be accomplished by reading many other books.

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